Lime Rendering Course: Stirling

Lime Rendering Course near Stirling

5 days: May 2nd to 6th 2020

We are building an offgrid straw bale house as part of the development of our 5.6 acre site as a croft.  The emphasis is on sustainable living using low impact materials and building techniques.

Whilst participating in this hands-on, practical course you will understand: Why we use lime plaster, how to make the mixture, how to apply it to straw bale walls and you’ll learn just how beautiful it is! Lime plastering is great fun. It’s also a very effective covering for straw bale walls, providing a beautiful, warm, cosy environment. Lime plaster helps to control moisture in a building and enables walls to breathe. It is also beneficial to the health of those living there and has great acoustic benefits.


Rae Parkinson will be teaching on this course. With many years of experience and an outstanding reputation in the field of natural building, Rae ensures course participants have a fun, value packed time.


£325 inc. refreshments and vegetarian lunch

We will work from 8:45 – 17:00 each day

Please request details of local accommodation available.

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