Community Benefit Society

The School of Natural Building is a BenCom (or Community Benefit Society – CBS) and is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Registration number 7284.

Our aim is to offer educational and training services for anyone interested in natural building, particularly for women and others traditionally excluded from the construction industry, and to raise awareness about the benefits of using natural materials in the built environment and for artistic and therapeutic purposes.

As a BenCom, we reinvest profits back into the business in order to benefit the community we are set up to serve. As much of our work is done voluntarily, if you work, want to work, or simply have an interest in natural building, joining as a member helps to support this network. You can learn more about SNaB Membership and sign up here.

Rules of the Society

Click the link below to read the rules of the Society in pdf format:

Rules of the Society

Board Members

As a BenCom, SNaB is managed by a board of directors and committee members. The first AGM was held in Feb 2017.

We are:

Barbara Jones (Director)

Eileen Sutherland (Director, also Secretary)

Rae Parkinson (Director)

Issy Budd (Membership and Website)

Nessa Lyon (Accreditation)

Helen Freudenberg (Events Organiser)

Board Meeting Minutes

211209 Minutes: Extra Board Meeting r.e. Membership