Consultancy with Barbara

You can now have face-to-face consultations with Barbara Jones on Skype:

Barbara Jones
Barbara Jones

If you are planning to build with straw, it will save a lot of time, money and frustration to get advice and tips from Barbara at the beginning of the planning stage. Or you may wish to speak with Barbara about your build as it progresses or if you encounter issues or difficulties.

The consultation is arranged by email at a mutually convenient time. You send through any plans, sketches, maps, pictures and your questions to Barbara in advance. Then at the arranged time Barbara will have everything in front of her and can answer your questions.

This can also be done over the phone if you don’t have Skype.  If you wish to meet Barbara in person this can also be arranged.

​The cost for consultancy is only £1 (+VAT) per minute and if you speak for 30 minutes you qualify for the first 10 minutes free (this offer is only available on the first consultancy), so for the first 30 minutes the rate would be just £20 (+VAT).

Email barbara AT to arrange your consultation.

We are using a lot of the principles from your book which is a fantastic source of information and assisting majorly with our further understanding of straw bale construction.”  Trevor Wood, MEng CEng MICE MIEI Trevor Wood Consulting Engineers Ltd.