UCL: Green Week

The School of Natural Building (SNaB) offers inspirational training in natural building to help you:

  • become a natural builder and work in construction
  • understand how these materials really work so you can design better buildings
  • extend your interest in the subject and want to know more
  • find a fun and active way to spend your time


SNaB is excited to be a partner in UP Straw. The aim of this EU project is to showcase sustainable building projects with reduced carbon footprints across Europe. The UK will build a straw bale Visitors Centre in Hastings. It will be the first straw building in the Borough and will be a focus for new interpretation and events at the Country Park.

The project will continue to embed the concept of natural building in the UK and throughout Europe by working with schools, colleges and universities and by hosting the European Strawbale gathering (ESBG) in the UK in 2019.

The Straw Bale Building UK (SBUK) are the straw bale building association for the United Kingdom. Our aim is to promote straw bale building and best practice within the sector. We are a network of practitioners, designers, researchers and enthusiasts who are working with, studying or promoting straw bale construction.

Please visit our website for more information and to find out how to join us if you’d like to be part of our work: http://www.strawbalebuildinguk.com