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All you ever wanted to ask about strawbale building. £35.00

These 1 day courses will cover all the bits you haven’t understood to date or didn’t even know about!IMG_0221

  • Foundations – car tyre, insulating, or self draining?
  • Plinth walls and foundations – what’s the difference?
  • Windows & doors – airtightness, settlement
  • Weather protection – using hessian to smooth the way  and the importance of drip edges
  • How do I attach wall cupboards and sockets to straw walls?
  • Compression and how it works
  • How do I build the roof first on my loadbearing building?

These and many other associated questions will be answered and discussed during the course. A notepad and pen will be useful.

Venues Dates
London  October 2017
Todmorden  November 2017 
Lincolnshire  February 2017 
Bristol  March 2017 


Join us while we navigate our way through to informed straw bale building. Once you’re booked on the course you can send us your questions so we can try and include them in the day.

Email Clair at to book your place or book direct using PayPal

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